Excerpts taken from the book ‘Clarity is Power’ by Gary H Karp.


Birth was not our choice and death will not be our choice, but the way we live our life in between these two terminals is absolutely our choice. Life is nothing but a series of choices.  


Every moment of life offers innumerable choices to make. For every choice executed we invite a consequence. While we can have control over our choices, we can only have expectations over consequences. Whatever may be the choice, there are only four, just four possibilities of consequences, which are, 

1] I get more than what I expected , 

2] I get what expected, 

3] I get less than what I expected. 


Whichever of the three consequences I might receive, I still have the power to execute another choice and keep this cycle of ‘Choice – Consequence – Choice’ going. 


For example, when I execute the choice of starting a business on my own, the four possible consequences are, the business might turn out to be a roaring success, the business returns might be up to my expectations, It might go through a slump, It can turn out to be an utter failure. Whichever may be the consequence; I can take it as a feedback and still execute another choice. 


When I execute the choice of getting married, I might find a soul mate for life, I might find a good spouse, I might now have for life an in-house irritant, I might end up as a divorcee. 


Whichever may be the consequence; I can take it as a feedback and still execute another choice. While I have a choice over my choice, I am actually choiceless about my consequences. Neither can I choose which of the four I want, for that is not in my control nor is there a fifth possibility. While choice is a cause, the consequences are the effects. Maturity lies in gracefully and choicelessly accepting the consequences and going ahead to execute the next choice. 


To handle even those consequences which appear to be unfavourable with equanimity, surrender your intelligence to the infinite intelligence. While choices are born out of our intelligence, the consequences are a feedback from the infinite intelligence.