By Dr. Wayne Dyer


Chapter 5 – Living Impartially 

Offer your treasures for everyone. 


Remove the word special from your vocabulary when you refer to yourself or others. If anyone is special, then we all are. And if we’re all exceptional, then we don’t need a word like that to define us, since it clearly implies that some are more favoured the others! 


Chapter 8 – Living in the Flow 

Let your thoughts float freely. 


Forget about fighting life or trying to be something else, rather, allow yourself to be like the material compound that comprises every aspect of your being. In The Hidden Messages in Water, Masaru Emato explains that we are water, and water wants to be free. 


Chapter 9 – Living Humility 

Do the Tao now. 


At your next meal, practice portion control by asking yourself after several bites if you’re still famished. If not, just stop and wait. If no hunger, call it complete. At this one meal, you’ll have practiced the last sentence of the 9th verse of the Tao Te Ching.: “retire when the [eating] is done; this is the way to heaven.”