“When You Change the Way You Look At Things,

‘The Things You Look At Change!’”

By Dr. Wayne Dyer

Are you working for a company?

Are you in a Job / Profession / Business?

Do you have any challenges?

Can you believe, you can overcome the Challenges?

Yes, You Can!

In just in few hours,

‘Change your Outlook!’,

‘Change your Manifestation!’

Our life is a result of the choices we make. When we look around in the world and observe people, we notice most people run towards immediate pleasures or the instant happiness which often does not endure for long. 

This workshop is specially designed to bring in the shift within us to gain Self Mastery.

When we have attained the self-mastery, there is no need for us to control anybody, any situation, any relationship. Everything will start falling in place because we will know how to go inwards and be in self-awareness. 

By increasing our self-awareness and by steadily increasing our levels of consciousness we will enrich our inward journey of health, wealth and relationships. We will experience our true intrinsic nature of pure happiness.

Key Highlights of the Workshop

About the Facilitator

Manoj J Lekhi


Manoj J. Lekhi is a key disciple of Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji, a truth-seeker at heart and a friend, philosopher, and guide to thousands.


He has created breakthroughs in the area of Health, Wealth and Relationships for scores of people across the globe over the last 25 years.

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