From the Market to the Heart


(Gram Haat, Annapurna Hall, Paldi, Ahmedabad.May 19, 2005) Haat: A Way to People's Heart areas Our President, Dr.  Abdul Kalam has conceptualized an image for the development of India.  He has given a golden dream, and in this plan, he has classified India into different parts.  One of the parts in this plan addresses the [...]

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Path to Enlightenment By Om Swami – Part 2


Characteristics and nature of the soul “Your Highness, please tell me”, Does our tongue have the power of speak from someone other source? Do  our eyes have the power to see or they get the energy to see from some other source ? Do our ears hear with their own power or they get their [...]

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Alexander and Diogenes


Alexander himself was a coward in this sense. He was told by Diogenes one of the greater mystic of his time or never that, “stop this foolish effort to conquer the world. Look at me! Without conquering the world I have conquered!”    And Alexander looked at Diogenes and felt the beauty of the man, [...]

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Be Grateful


Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by PM Narendra Modiji.   Your success is not yours alone. Behind your success are the efforts of many people whom you meet (and don’t meet) in your daily life.   Your parents are giving their all so that you can lead a comfortable life.   Your siblings are [...]

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Amrut Aahaar


Q, Doctors and nutritionists mention the acid—alkaline balance of food! What does it mean? The human body consist of various organs and parts which in turn consist of tissues and cells. These tissues and cells consist of 16 chemical elements. The balance of these chemical elements in the body is very vital for maintaining good [...]

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Speak Words Sweetly


A king one put a question to the nobleman sitting in his darbar (court): What is the sweetest thing on the earth? The king firmly said to his courtiers, "I do not want a text book answer. Your answer should come from your own experience." One of the courtiers seated there answered, "The sweetest thing [...]

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What to say about it?


A Poem by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek)   The sky is blue The clouds white The sun yellow The moon silver What to say about it?   The birds sing The rain falls The trees sway The earth revolves What to say about it?   The wife complains The children are naughty The husband [...]

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I was Searching


A Poem by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek)   I was searching, searching, searching Searching for a place to stay Searching for some food to eat Searching for some clothes to wear Till I found it   The place was exactly where I was sitting That was all that was needed to stay The food [...]

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Handling DIFFICULT Children


Excerpts from the book ‘Your Child is Your Parent’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).   A lot of parents, in fact, I would say, most parents, are so concerned about their child that they use the term ‘hyperactive’ so very casually to describe their children. “My child is hyperactive” is a refrain we hear [...]

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Looking Forward


Excerpts from the book ‘Are you a Super Leader?’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).   With a passion for adventure and trekking, we had once gone for a 10-day camp with a bunch of 35 enthusiastic kids from our school, to discover something novel. We had decided to try certain adventurous activities together such [...]

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