How Can One Complain?


How Can One Complain? By Manoj J Lekhi Lying on the water With my face towards the sky I felt the waves kissing my body I felt the coolness of the river Now how can one complain?   See the starry nights See the sunflowers bloom Hear the flying robin sing See the peacock blue [...]

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Anything is Possible


An article from the book ‘Thank You Guruji’ by Manoj J Lekhi. AMC at Dehri   The next day was our AMC course for 4 days and we were to take Guruji by our van to Dehri Ashram. We started late in the evening, driving around trying to locate the Dehri Ashram as at that [...]

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The Science of Changing Your Mind – Dr. Joe Dispenza


I am thankful towards you, Dr. Joe Dispenza for deepening my insights on ‘The Three Brains’. In this Video: By understanding how your mind works, you will learn how to unlearn negative habits and emotions to eliminate self-destructive behaviors. With the dynamic combination of science and accessible how-to, Dr. Dispenza will teach you how [...]

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Drama of Life


By Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakarji   God has created all this drama, as a play. But obviously people don’t understand. Though it all appears very logical, invariably you will find out someone who does not want to understand. If everything is going perfect, there is no fun.    Newspapers are all about this  drama and [...]

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Desire with Detachment


An article from the book ‘Super Leader Strategies’ by Manoj J Lekhi.   The Bhagvad Geeta (chap. 2.47) says: karmanyevaadhikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana maa karmaphalaheturbhoormaa te sangostvakarmani.   ‘Your right is restricted to your work only but never to the fruits of your action, thereof. Be not instrumental in making your actions bear fruit nor [...]

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Truly Being Together – Part 1


By Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakarji   Your ‘True Being’ is - really ‘Being Together’.   When you are not truly in your state of ‘True Being’, then you are not together. If you feel separate, then your being is not truthful. It Whenever you feel separate or try to separate others; it means you are [...]

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The One Thing – Part 2


Excerpts taken from the book ‘The One Thing’ by Jay Papasan & Gary Keller. The Success Habit You know about habits. They can be hard to break- and hard to create. But we are unknowingly acquiring new ones all the time. When we start and continue a way of thinking or a way of acting over a [...]

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suhana safar aur ye mausam hasin


सुहाना सफ़र और ये मौसम हसीं हमें डर है हम खो न जाएं कहीं     ये कौन हँसता है फूलों में छुपकर    _ बहार बेचैन है किसकी धुन पर कहीं गुनगुन, कहीं रुनझुन कि जैसे नाचे ज़मीं सुहाना सफ़र...     ये गोरी नदियों का चलना उछलकर के जैसे अल्हड़ चले पी से iमिलकर [...]

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Golden Words….From Guruji


Condensed talks by Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakarji   Our mind is like continuously rippling water in a pond.   The cause of those ripples are the stones that we throw into the pond (our conditioning). When we meditate the water becomes still, because we stop throwing stones in it. When we come out, we again [...]

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