Give Us a Role Model – Part 2


Excerpts from the book ‘Ignited Minds‘ Written By A.P.J. Abdul Kalamji Another girl in all seriousness asked, ‘Every day we read in the newspaper or hear our parents talk about atankvadis (terrorists). Who are they? Do they belong to our country?’ This question really shocked me. I myself was searching for an answer. They are [...]

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The Clarion Call of Revolution Chapter 4


(Published in journal 'Sadhana', November 18, 1989) Spirituality has never believed in racism.  A person from the highest or lowest class could be a monk in ancient India.  The monk Shakya Muni brought the hidden elements of the Vedas to the limelight.  Not only did he propagate his religion all over the world but he [...]

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Clarity is Power by Mahatria 


Procrastination has become the most dreadful of psychological disease that is swallowing the potential of humanity. The sooner one realises the ill effects of it, the better. Our procrastination may not hurt us too much in the initial stages, but what one will be deprived of the long run is huge. This may be better [...]

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What are the Sadhanas that will help you?


What are the sadhanas that will help you? First let go everything and be in zero. Meditation is very important process to vanquish all the karmas and start  something  new.  Meditation is not simply about  being in zero but being in a wonderful state. Just apply your  intellect  and shift  over, you are in a [...]

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Mind – A Programmed Machine – Part II


Now, most people who use vision make a small but disastrous mistake. For example: it is declared  that a patient has cancer. People teach him to visualize that he does not have cancer, or visualize having  a good time without cancer, or visualize  having  a  time  where  he  is  enjoying  life.  Now this person compares; [...]

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Mind – A Programmed Machine – Part I


Your mind is affected by what  you  ‘Look  Forward’  to. It is not the situation, it is only the feeling created by your own intellect.  If you feel imprisoned, what will  you do? Mind is a programmed machine. What you like to eat is what you are used to eating. If  you eat Punjabi food [...]

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Self-Esteem of your child


What is self-esteem? A child has either high self-esteem or low self-esteem. Self-esteem is what the child thinks about himself subconsciously. Self-esteem is the ‘self-talk’ going on in the child subconsciously (without him or her knowing about it). What is the inner voice telling the child? It can be positive (‘anything is possible’) or negative [...]

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Feeling Good or Feeling Bad


by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji   Everybody wants to feel and look good, nobody wants to feel bad. It is very easy to shift from feeling  not so good, to feeling very good. Anybody can do it. What is the process? I discovered it a very long  time ago. If you ‘Look Forward’ to [...]

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Rakshabandhan: The Unbroken Bond Part 2


Fortification Our social unity, national integrity, the lines dividing the untouchables from the rest of the society and the impregnable walls that heads of reli- gious sects build around themselves are matters of grave concern. Rakshabandhan has the potential to emerge as the solution to this grave problem. The festival which binds brothers and sisters [...]

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Golden Words From Guruji


Life  is  not  about  only  winning, it  is  also  about  losing.      We have made maintaining our status as very, very important, and playing is unimportant. Here there are two kinds of sadhana – internal and external.      The inward sadhana is to  realize – you are No-body*, so  you  can go beyond your loss [...]

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