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Looking Forward


Excerpts from the book ‘Are you a Super Leader?’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).   With a passion for adventure and trekking, we had once gone for a 10-day camp with a bunch of 35 enthusiastic kids from our school, to discover something novel. We had decided to try certain adventurous activities together such [...]

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The Success Cue Introduction


THE SUCCESS CUE   (Directing you towards your success!)  The 5 principles of the Outer and Inner Success   “Nothing happens unless we have a VISION! A VISION without ACTION is USELESS! ACTION without CONTENTMENT is DANGEROUS!” By Manoj J Lekhi.   The 5 Key Principles which determine one’s level of Outer Success are as under: [...]

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OMS-29 September 2017


SMS NO :     50 DATED : 29th September    2017 ACHIEVEMENT  Wow! Had a fantastic pranayam today,  a different one. Wow! A super duper jog -hearing some wonderful talks. Wow! a great music class with my sir after such a long time. Wow! the whole day went in, just  being with all the team members of [...]

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