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The 95% -5% PRINCIPLE


By Manoj J Lekhi Do you know 95% of our mind is sub-conscious mind and only 5% is conscious? Unfortunately our sub-conscious mind is loaded with memories, memories and memories of the past ! Most of these memories which we harbour are low vibrational memories and are the reason why people keep on repeating same [...]

The 95% -5% PRINCIPLE2021-09-30T00:41:43+05:30

5 Tips for Silence


Excerpts from the book ‘Super Leader Strategies!’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).   Life is all about how we look at it. Problems exist in our life, only if we view them as problems. Actually, they are opportunities coming our way to give us a chance to learn and grow. How do we harness [...]

5 Tips for Silence2021-09-30T01:29:23+05:30

Increasing Your Child’s Imagination


Article from the book ‘Your Child is Your Parent!’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).   As discussed earlier, art as a form of expression is the easiest and surest way to increase your child’s imagination. As he imagines, he visualises, and as he visualises, he expresses (i.e., paints). The moment his imagination is translated [...]

Increasing Your Child’s Imagination2021-09-30T01:22:35+05:30

The Teaching of Vairagya


The dialogue on the Mountain The next morning Nina and I were up early. We went and asked Guruji a question ‘Guruji, we are planning to have a baby… what would you advise?’ He looked at us, smiled and said ‘Wait, wait for five years and I will tell you when to have a baby…first [...]

The Teaching of Vairagya2020-02-11T19:25:17+05:30



Excerpts taken from the book ‘Clarity is Power’ by Gary H Karp.   No matter how much we achieve, there is a point at which all of us will become successful enough to once again feel like a failure. You run the race of life in laps once to discover that every finishing line is [...]