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Excerpts from the book ‘Ask and It’s Given’ By Esther and Jerry Hicks.   Some things you knew   Before you arrived     As you made the decision to come into this body, you knew that you were a creator and that the Earth environment would inspire your specific creation. You also knew that whenever you asked, [...]


How Can One Complain?


How Can One Complain? By Manoj J Lekhi Lying on the water With my face towards the sky I felt the waves kissing my body I felt the coolness of the river Now how can one complain?   See the starry nights See the sunflowers bloom Hear the flying robin sing See the peacock blue [...]

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The LIYA 1 Hour – One Min SMS


By Manoj J Lekhi We will all agree that this happens by daily, continuous, consistent efforts of people. It occurred to me that the same is with our own lives. If we are consistent in anything, we will prosper in life! With this understanding, one of the recent Habits which we have developed and many [...]

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The 95% – 5% Principle – LiYA One hour


LIYA ONE HOUR - 95%-5% By Manoj J Lekhi     The 95- 5 Principle 95% of our mind is sub- conscious 5 % of our mind is conscious   95% listen to your right brain 5% listen to your left brain   95% follow your heart 5% follow your mind   95% share with [...]

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How to be Successful? (What is The Success Cue)


'What the INPUT, So the OUTPUT! We are attracting everything in our life knowingly or unknowingly.' "We are What we eat! We are What we Think! We are What we Believe! We our Creators of our Magical World!" -By Manoj J Lekhi. The specialty of ‘The Success Cue’ program is, we learn how [...]

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The Success Cue Introduction


THE SUCCESS CUE   (Directing you towards your success!)  The 5 principles of the Outer and Inner Success   “Nothing happens unless we have a VISION! A VISION without ACTION is USELESS! ACTION without CONTENTMENT is DANGEROUS!” By Manoj J Lekhi.   The 5 Key Principles which determine one’s level of Outer Success are as under: [...]

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The Success Cue


What is The Success Cue? The Success Cue is a Management Program with a difference. It is about Vision, Beliefs, Organising & Planning, Time Management, and Money.   What makes The Success Cue Unique? It is a blend of contemporary western thought and traditional Indian Wisdom.   The specialty of the The Success Cue [...]

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An Analogy between our Body and a Car


By Manoj J Lekhi  READ THIS VERY SLOWLY ...    What moves the car?  It’s the fuel that moves the car.   Who starts and controls the car? It’s the driver.    How does the driver find his route to his destination?  The  GPRS  gives him the perfect direction.    Who gives the destination (where to go)  to [...]

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Habits – How to Change?


By Louise Hay Extract from the Book ‘You can Heal Your Life’. Releasing the Need In a workshop situation, I would have you do this exercise with a partner. However, you can do it equally as well using a mirror a big one, if possible. Think for a moment about something in your life you [...]

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