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Who is a Shishya?


By - Shree Rishi Prabhakar A  Shishya  is  one  who  Surrenders.   He  offers  his  Somebodiness,   His  Ego  and  Pride  at  the  feet  of  his  Guru.   His  Surrender  is  unconditional.   Unconditional  Surrender  is  Love,  Bhakti.   The  life  of  the  Shishya  is  bliss  in  Non-doing,   It  is  perfect - right  now. [...]

Who is a Shishya?2021-09-30T01:33:32+05:30

How to Develop Scholars of National Importance for the Country? 


By Guruji Rishi Prabhakar  So far IITs and IIMs were the  creators and training grounds for  the most talented students. The   pity was that these students left    the country for studies abroad and lucrative jobs. A handful, like Sam Pitroda, returned to serve the  nation. Now let us look at where  the nation’s money should [...]

How to Develop Scholars of National Importance for the Country? 2021-09-30T01:33:32+05:30

The Power Behind an Organization 


By  Guruji Rishi Prabhakar    The power behind any organization is not its wealth, nor is it intellectual knowledge. But, its real strength lies in the fact that many people want to be together  to  develop  a   vision.   The total power of any organization, or corporation depends on how many people are there to  support  [...]

The Power Behind an Organization 2021-09-30T01:33:32+05:30

Education for Life


Condensed From Talks by Guruji Rishi Prabhakar  Today education is about earning a degree and resigning from learning.  Literacy is only for survival.  We are highly educated, confused, stressed and fearful. We spend 21 years to work hard, earn a degree and find out that we do not know simple things in life. The most wonderful [...]

Education for Life2021-09-30T01:33:32+05:30

Creating Brahmanas


By Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar Just by thinking you will not   become a Brahmana*. You have to  do a lot of exercise to become a Brahmana. In SSY, we give  you the practice (sadhana) for elevating you to be a Brahmana. To be a Brahmana we give you some exercises  to  start  with. *(Going [...]

Creating Brahmanas2021-09-30T01:33:33+05:30

The Essence of Annaprasad


By Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar In this beautiful world there are  very few people who face food shortage. We have plenty of food  for which we take the responsibility of channelizing it in the right direction through Annaprasad Kshetras.  It is not only to satiate the needy, but it is the most wonderful way to [...]

The Essence of Annaprasad2021-09-30T01:33:33+05:30

Golden Words…From Guruji


Those who find at least one person as their Guru are fortunate. Dattatreya  himself  had many  Gurus. For me, my most important Guru was the one who taught me how to share all of myself without fear.  I learnt how keeping money makes you A target for all problems. I trust that money is only [...]

Golden Words…From Guruji2021-09-30T00:40:08+05:30

What are the Sadhanas that will help you?


What are the sadhanas that will help you? First let go everything and be in zero. Meditation is very important process to vanquish all the karmas and start  something  new.  Meditation is not simply about  being in zero but being in a wonderful state. Just apply your  intellect  and shift  over, you are in a [...]

What are the Sadhanas that will help you?2021-09-30T00:40:09+05:30

Mind – A Programmed Machine – Part II


Now, most people who use vision make a small but disastrous mistake. For example: it is declared  that a patient has cancer. People teach him to visualize that he does not have cancer, or visualize having  a good time without cancer, or visualize  having  a  time  where  he  is  enjoying  life.  Now this person compares; [...]

Mind – A Programmed Machine – Part II2021-09-30T00:40:09+05:30

Mind – A Programmed Machine – Part I


Your mind is affected by what  you  ‘Look  Forward’  to. It is not the situation, it is only the feeling created by your own intellect.  If you feel imprisoned, what will  you do? Mind is a programmed machine. What you like to eat is what you are used to eating. If  you eat Punjabi food [...]

Mind – A Programmed Machine – Part I2021-09-30T00:40:09+05:30
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