Looking Forward


A Video By Manoj J Lekhi Life is full of creating memories, dreaming, enjoying, aspiring and much more. It is okay to fall down, but what matters is how quickly and how far you get up and start moving ahead once again. There are some fears which come and when we face them [...]

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My Personal Experience -“God is In Details”


Take it Easy- Go Slow! By Manoj J Lekhi   Another Realization I had in the Dandi Yatra was that slower we go in life, the more details we can see in life. The slower we go, the more pauses we give, we will be enjoying the process much more than if we had to go [...]

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“Birth and Death Are But Two Commas”


From the book ‘Living with the Himalayan Masters’ By  Swami Rama.   Slowly I came to realize that first we should learn to doubt our own doubts and to analyze the very doubts themselves.    Swamiji said, “I would not teach you through words.” I sat by him for three days, and there was no [...]

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Does Heaven or Hell Exist?


HEAVEN OR HELL   Does Heaven or Hell Exist? Do you believe that , we go to Heaven or Hell as per our deeds?   We have heard it from our parents and they have heard it from their parents. Somehow we simply know Heaven is up, Hell is deep down and we are on [...]

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Accept Yourself the Way You Are!


Accept Yourself the Way You Are! By Manoj J Lekhi Accepting yourself the way you are or in simple words Self-Acceptance, is one of the key determinants of happiness and can have an effect on every aspect of life. However, it can be one of the most difficult challenges faced at the individual level. We [...]

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The Power Behind an Organization


By  Guruji Rishi Prabhakar    The power behind any organization is not its wealth, nor is it intellectual knowledge. But, its real strength lies in the fact that many people want to be together  to  develop  a   vision.   The total power of any organization, or corporation depends on how many people are there to  support  [...]

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Whose Fault Is It, Anyway?


By Joe Vitale from the Book 'At Zero   It’s not the people; it’s not the person. It’s the program.  -  Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len    “How could a child have limiting beliefs already?”  The question arose because Dr. Hew Len’s daughter had a skin disease, and when he met Mornah, she helped heal the [...]

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The Body


By Louise Hay Extract from the Book ‘ You can Heal Your Life’. The head When something is wrong in the head area, it usually means we feel something is very wrong with us. Tension is not being strong. Tension is weakness. Being relaxed and cantered and peaceful is really being strong and secure.   [...]

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