Condensed From Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji.


How  do we  lift ourselves  from incompetence  to competence? 


The country is suffering from incompetence. Someone says, “I am a clerk”. 

But I say, “You are not a clerk, my dear, you are a Prime Minister, so get up”. 

Restrictedness  is called Ahamkara – Ego.


As adults we go on building our Ahamkara whereas a child does not. That is why he feels he can do anything. He is the source of all possibilities. He is alive  looking forward to something fantastic happening everyday.


Super Mind

The super mind has to do with elevation of our consciousness wherein everything becomes easier, effortless. While the sub-conscious makes retention of all that has been learnt easy, the    super conscious will make the process of learning itself easy.


True Manager

A manager is one by virtue of his own enlightened being is able to  inspire people around him to do what is required to be done of their own accord.


Predictability comes only to a ‘Somebody’. 

A ‘Nobody’ is totally unpredictable. 

Samadhi is the process of consciously entering into this state of not knowingness. 


Gift of Life

Life is about enjoying yourself, that is the real gift of this life. This is forgotten in ‘Doing’ and being caught up in accomplishing something rather than just ‘BEING’.


Ocean of Love

Love and nobility does not come by demand or laws.  It is cultivated and spread as a culture by Spiritual Sadhana. Now do your bit to elevate yourself and the world. Get further protection for your child by living in a saner society or creating a saner society. 

There is a lot of scope for the whole world to awaken from terrorism, wars, corruption, loneliness and lack of care.


I enjoy an ocean of love around me. 

You can enjoy the same by joining me or creating your own ocean of love. Get into the spirit. 

The world will change slowly. 

Enjoy creating Love, that is why we are creating peace homes and peace villages. 

You must learn and practice the sadhana, processes of Samadhi and Nobodiness and 

you must create your Satsangh for developing more and more love. 

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