Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


The person who gets good food is the richest person in the world. So much is rotten and poisoned, as Vandana Shiva says, and we eat what should never be eaten. Many do not even know good food. No matter what we work for, at least we should get good food.


Is it selfish to get good food? Is it important? If so, then you must become selfish. Don’t save the Ganga, save yourself. 15 years ago in Belgaum we met a person who produced pesticides and said all local vegetables were sprayed with them. When vegetables looked perfect, he knew those chemicals were used and so he chose imperfect vegetables or those with insects. Artificially good looking vegetable are dangerous: wax coated apples can look good and shiny for months! You are in danger: good food often gets exported! 


People are diabetic or get heart attacks due to bad food and we have the highest number of such patients. 


City life guarantees bad food and so, we must grow food to guarantee its goodness. If you want good food, grow it. We are living wrongly by not taking care of food. For good vegetables, you have to grow them. Eat when you pluck them, not after 20 days. Do not refrigerate them for days: eat within a few hours to get pran. This results in both good food and a great life.


The best way to the worst life is to marry, live separately, have two   kids and enter Narak/hell. Somehow you get on, even if the husband is fed up with the wife, she is fed up with him and the kids. You keep fighting about trivia and somehow get on. Gurukul kids are better off as they do not see your quarrels. Who can declare his marriage has improved since he got married and he has good relationships? Not even 1%! Very rare! Neither you nor he is bad. Actually, 2 people living with 2 children create hell!   Do not live only with your family, it’s bad Dharma. When you care for more than just your family, your life really improves. This is impossible otherwise. 


If you really want good food, great riches and good relationships, become a Brahmacharya! It is not about celibacy or marriage but about being open to learning more and more. Not about physics but about making your life and others’ better.  How?


If you are not serving, you are not a Brahmachari. Until you live in Sarve Jano Sukhino Bhavantu, until you touch other lives, your life will be miserable. Brahmachari and so, his life will be wonderful.


All problems are soluble if people get together. Are you interested only in your family or in the whole world? Is your duty to feed your family and send children to America? This foolishness is everyone’s agenda and so our country does not progress. This wrong Dharma brings corruption! Corruption can be eliminated if we live in Sarve   Jano  Sukhino  Bhavantu.

‘My life is about looking after my family.’ Is this wrong? You good people are following a wrong Dharma! 

The alternative is 100 to 150 people living together, with the dynamic synergy of a group. Imagine 150 people living together! When a community learns to live in Sarve Jano Sukhino Bhavantu, their strength is wonderful and happiness great. 


Sarve Jano Sukhino Bhavantu is our strength and living it will make your strength and Brahmacharya grow. Do AMCs together with families and develop love. The same group should get together and you will learn Sarve Jano Sukhino Bhavantu, i.e. Brahmacharya. 

Presently, cities are unsuitable for living together with a single kitchen. What is required: your learning to live with 150 persons. Get 20 to 40 acres of land to grow food. 150 people can purchase 30 – 40 acres of land easily. If each gives money, it’s easy. Make half into an Ashram and you own the other half. Its value will increase! If you come together, you can leave your job. When 150 people come together, they find out they can do many jobs and create markets, schools, industry. They can achieve anything. When more living together, energy increases. You can have your own industry and do anything in the world. 


If you want great education for children, everything to the highest degree is possible from this group. Educate children in the Gurukul and look after each other collectively, like a family. Imagine 150 people living together lovingly! What benefits for each one! Communities too benefit, e.g. from wholesale prices. Only 4 people are needed to cook, the rest can relax. So much time, so much energy is saved. Only one is required for shopping. 


Today, each family wastes time shopping and cooking. 


Look at how much food you throw by storing it. If you eat the morning food at night, it is bad. Food plucked many days ago is bad. Why is rice polished? So insects avoid it and to increase its shelf life. Brown rice has a shelf life of only 15 days!   White rice and maida are poison and increase heart attacks and diabetes. Diseases can be reduced by  eating  unpolished  rice. 


Our purpose is this Brahmacharya program, is creating groups of 150. Enter it, otherwise you are wasting your life.

Anyone who gives 100% becomes a leader.  


If people give 100%, the place will grow. Then even cleaning the Ganga or Delhi, etc. becomes possible and easy. Please take 5-7 days and come to Vishakhapatnam to learn how people are living together, with love.


Laws don’t improve a country.  Have you seen how dirty Allahabad is, and U.P? Bangalore is only a little cleaner. America is so clean because citizens don’t want to upset others. So let us work together and grow. 


The world will change with 150 people living together in Gurukuls. Shift your thinking, I will help you. Let Hriday Samelan produce at least 500 such Ashrams. All SSY teachers are capable of this. If you don’t take the stand, don’t call yourself a SSY teacher but a buddhu/foolish. Talk to people at Vishakapatnam and Katarkhadak to know how wonderful life is. 


Come join such Ashrams.

India is wonderful but somehow we went the wrong way.