Condensed from talks by Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar


I have nothing to teach and you have nothing to learn. It is all a tamasha. If you want to do something useful, go home. If you want to be with some loving, caring person, find  somebody else.

The persons who stood up for freedom, what do you want to  do? Nothing! Sanyasa is not about being good or bad, there are no objectives. The best thing for all   of you is to go beyond learning.


If wondering requires too much effort, you fall sleep! If you teach  maths to villagers, they will sleep comfortably. Similarly, whatever we are doing here, is useless for serious persons. There is nothing like  comfortable freedom.


Some SSY teachers look for comfortable freedom. They are   picky about the people and cater to their comfort. Those people who think about comfort cannot  get this.


When you stand up for freedom, you empower yourself. When you give your life for Truth, then standing up is no   big problem.

Many people like these young boys come to me, and want to    be free. They say, ‘Guruji, we are prepared to be with you and serve’ but actually, they want to  be free. They think that I am an embodiment of freedom and they want to be lead and they want me to pave their path to freedom.


I tell them, without my per-mission they are not to go out.  No complaining. Simply follow what I say for four years. I give no  salary. If you accept that condition, come. Don’t expect me to give you any guarantees, I give no promise from my side but  need a 100% promise to me from your side!


Very few people stand for freedom when young, at least these boys have come. Once they get married, it’s finished, soon they say, now they await their next  janam / life.


People have many excuses: like I  cannot come, Guruji my grand-children are now asking for me, now I have to be with them.    Now grandchild has caught you. I have seen after retirement, a daughter’s pregnancy problem   etc. happens, they always have a problem. If I take married per-sons, they have all the problems.

So come before you get married otherwise come only if your     wife is so fed up with you! If your wife or husband says, “Get out”, what  a blessing!


If you get this, everything is reversed. Whatever is the best is the worst thing; whatever is the worst is the best thing. This is Maya / illusion.

If your wife or husband kicks     you out, you will be very happy. If    you do get kicked out, it’s the best present  from someone.


Once you are in this state, everyone wants you. But if you want comfort, nobody wants   you.

But, if you want comfort, you  have to listen to everybody. If    you keep doing or staying like this, you have to work like a donkey for comfort. Very few people get out of this donkey  state.


You want to be free, go; now   you are free. I don’t have to do  anything.

Usually it does not come so    easily because you are only programmed to do some donkey   work. Theoretically, you can understand this, but to elevate from this state, practically a Guru is needed. Or your previous training comes in the way and   you get confused.


Those who are married get  pushed out or else they need to  get permission to come. Why will a wife give her consent? It is very difficult to get her permission. You got married: is the biggest  problem in your life.

Actually, husband and wife   are free; Yoga cannot happen otherwise. If  she is free, you are also free: that is a true Yogic  Marriage.