Control Switch The Placebo Effect 

Aoccdrnig  to a researcher at CambridgeUinervtisy ,it doesn’tmatter in what order the letters in a erode are, the only iprmoetnt thing is that the first and lastletter be at the rightplace. The rest can be a total mess and you can still read it outhit a problem. This is bcuseae the human mind does not readeveryletter by itself, but the word as a whole. 


Dr.Hew Len says we carry data from amoeba and all lifetimes from the start of the universe. It’s more then what you carry in your current life awareness. Your luggage is heavy. You packed for a trip lifetimes ago. You haven’t unpacked yet, so what you see and experience is rarely the purity of this moment. 


This isn’t news.  I’ve known about the power of belief since the 1960s,when I first read Claude Bristol’s masterpiece.The magic  of  Believing. Your belief molds reality. Believe something is true about yourself or your world, and you’ll tend to attract the circumstances to match it. 

This works with negative beliefs, as well. 


The nocebo is a negative expectation and will just as easily create a match to it. In other words ,if you believe that things will go wrong or that something will have a harmful effect, you will tend to attract that expectation. 

Because your belief is the controlling element here, you are free to believe in the positive, the negative, or nothing at all.(I put nothing in italics because even believing in nothing is still a belief in something)    

After all, the so – called reality you see is viewed through your perceptions, and those perceptions are made from your beliefs. 


The truth is, I’d rather believe in a magical universe and see my life blossom with miracles than walk through it fearing every turn of a leaf.