‘Become a two dollar man!’ advised jim. 


According to the him next time that I needed to tip someone, say a dollar, I should give him two dollars instead. Learnt to tip two dollars every time, where one dollar might suffice. Do this, not because of what that one extra dollar might mean to the waiter or the bellboy, but for what it will do to you! 


When you tip that extra dollar, you begin to ‘feel’ like a large hearted man, like a rich and successful chap. You walk just a bit taller, smile a wider smile and seem like a man in control of his world. 


So really the habit of tipping that extra dollar is not about what it does to the recipient (sure, it makes him feel good too) but about what it does to you, the giver. About the magic it works on you. And that’s worth way more than a dollar.