Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


Your success is not yours alone. Behind your success are the efforts of many people whom you meet (and don’t meet) in your daily life.


Your parents are giving their all so that you can lead a comfortable life.


Your siblings are the strongest source of support for you.


Your teachers are giving you a wonderful education that opens multiple windows of opportunity. Teaching is among the noblest professions in society. A teacher not only nurtures a student but also builds a nation.


Think of the support staff in your school, the tailor who stitches your uniform, the bookstore from where you purchase your textbooks, and stationery.


Remember the bus driver and conductor who bring you to school and take you back home every day. If you study in a residential school, remember the cooks who ensure you are well-fed.


You would not have reached where you are without their help, support and blessings.


Think also of those countless people whom you’ve never met but who play a vital role in your life-the farmer who produces the food you enjoy and the labourer who built your school brick by brick to give you a place to study. 


These unsung heroes are the makers of India and we must be grateful to them.


ACTIVITY I: Because they are…you are. Who are the people you are grateful to?


Name Who They Are


ACTIVITY II: Write ‘Gratitude cards’ for those whom you are grateful to. Present the cards to them and make them feel special.


A Big Thank You