Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by Narendra Modiji.


Every one of us is destined for exceptional things. Exams are just one of the challenges and opportunities that are in store for us. Overcome all challenges and shine. For tomorrow belongs to you!


Someone wrote to me during one of the ‘Mann Ki baat’ programmes for exam students: ‘Modijji, our students should be warriors and not worries.’ I fully agree.


Ironically, the most commonly known fear is the fear of the unknown. It is naturel to be mildly concerned before exams. However, worrying all the time will not help. Being in perpetual tension cannot be in fashion. Trying to appear serious may win you sympathy but not success.


Be cheerful; there are no marks for looking worried.


Why should the exam season be characterized by grim-looking students, strict parents and anxious teachers? 


As children, and even now, some of the most captivating tales we hear are the life stories of brave warriors-women and men who showed exemplary courage. We always draw great inspiration from their bravery.


Take the example of Rani Laxmibai. During India’s First war of Independence, when the imperialist forces were closing in, she had two choices-to be a worrier or a warrior. She did not bow down and chose instead to fight, this being immortalized as one of the greatest freedom fighters India has ever produced.


One of my most memorable meetings was with the Indian cricket team that won the Blind T20 World Cup in 2017. Each one of the players is an inspirational warrior. Yes, they faced obstacles in life. But they fought with fortitude, against circumstances and against opponents on the field. They  made the nation proud. In the same way, when it comes to exams, be warrior and not a warrier. 


Pay no attention to tension.

Write the exams bravely and the future is yours!


Activity I: How worried are you during exams?

Tick the image that best describes your emotion…


Activity II: What are your biggest worries about Exams and how do you tackle them?