Excerpts from the book ‘Thank You Guruji!’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).


Launch of Magic of Marriage


It was some time in August 2012. That day I went to Guruji’s kutir in Katarkardak Ashram to meet him. He was sitting and casually he told me … ‘Arre babu, we have given a great gift of SSY to the world. We have given a great gift of RCRT to everyone. We have also given a great gift to parents through the ISP program called Parenting Insights. We have offered something to entrepreneurs through Professional Insights. Now Bhaavin has also introduced SSY Emotional Insights. Why don’t you do something like Marriage Insights?’


I was thrilled and I replied back ‘Of course Guruji I have it fully ready. I have been preparing ‘Marriage Insights’ since many, many years and have compiled a lot of content, matter, videos etc..’ Before that, I was very apprehensive and scared to tell Guruji or speak about the ideas I had for the Marriage Insights program. I would wonder what he would think? That moment, Guruji gave me an opportunity and we launched a program called MAGIC OF MARRIAGE.


What I learned from this was how much concern Guruji had for the welfare of the world and he was so much concerned in all the areas of life. He literally lived as a citizen of the world or as we say in the Initiation…The Parent of The World! 


I am very fortunate that when we completed our inaugural batch in March 2013, Guruji was present. He was extremely pleased and spoke to the participants on marriage at length. He blessed the program, and so far more than 100 couples have attended and have benefited from the program.


In fact now, Magic of Marriage is also a ONE DAY WORKSHOP for anyone and everyone. Marriage can be the most beautiful experience in the world. All of us can have a fantastic married life or it can be the most stressful experience.


It all depends how we take it or look at it. I wish you could take out a few days together with your spouse to understand the natural differences between Man and Woman and take your marriage to the next level of togetherness.


As Guruji explains that there are 7 levels of Relationships and the final one is that of Ardha Nareshwar, where a man & woman unite into one. Let us all reach to this level of relationship in our marriage.


Thank you Guruji!