Attracting Money Effortlessly!



The harder you try to catch it, the more it will go away from you. You try even harder, by running after it, and it will go even further. You may be the strongest person in the world, yet catching a butterfly will prove to be difficult for you if you actually run after it.


Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you are just sitting somewhere, doing nothing, in particular, the butterfly comes and sits on your shoulder?


How come this happens? When you try very hard to catch it, you are not able to catch it, where as when you are not making any definite effort to catch it, the butterfly comes and sits on your shoulder. What a beautiful phenomenon, right?



Money is exactly like that: The more you go after it and the more you try harder and harder to get it, the more it will evade you. The more you become still, silent, within, the more the chances are that it will come and sit on your lap. If it were true that working hard would fetch you huge amounts of money, then all those people who work very hard in factories or in the land for hours and hours together should be immensely richer than the others. However, that is not true. Thus, clearly, it depends not on how hard you work but on what your approach is towards wealth!


An important question that is on everyone’s mind is, ‘Why do you want money?’


The obvious answer is, ‘To buy comforts.’ Then the question arises, ‘Why do you want comforts?’ The obvious answer, again, is, ‘So I can be free, happy and peaceful.’


Hence, the real reason behind going to work is to be happy. We often forget this point hidden behind the guise of earning a living. The real reason is, we all want to be happy. But we forget this and get lost in the maya (illusion). What does it take to be happy? It takes absolutely nothing. Happiness comes out of being fulfilled within.


Happiness comes out of enjoying the relatively small things in life: listening to the birds chirping, giving ear to the sound of wind blowing, gazing at the stars, swimming in the river, enjoying the fragrance of flowers etc.


Everything is in abundance in our world – air, water, light, space etc., are all in abundance. It is for us to behold and experience this abundance.







You need food, clothing and a place to sleep. If you understand this, and the basic needs are understood, then one can live very simply and be very, very happy.


Experience the love and tranquility present, and then you experience happiness for no reason. Subsequently, you are able to go and express yourself in whatever way you wish to do, be it cooking, playing a sport, learning an art, dancing, learning music, or starting an enterprise. It would just be an expression of the silence and love within you.


Money will start pouring in because whatever you do, you will do it excellently because it’s something you want to do. It is one of your passions which you are following. And you can keep on creating new and new passions as you go along. Whatever you do, you will do beautifully!


Money comes easily and effortlessly to those who don’t hanker for it and live very simply with the minimum of wants. Then, there is this technology of generating money effortlessly for oneself and others.


Remember, the purpose of money itself is to make one happy. If a person is already happy, he has the purpose served right at the beginning. Don’t take money as a `10, `100, or`1000 note. It is about the purpose behind your wanting it. If you are clear about the purpose, you have done half the job; so, work on your happiness. So, work on yourself inside rather than outside.


Spend more and more time in meditation – silence – which will automatically enhance your love, and when more and more people are in love, those who have plenty of wealth will share it with the ones who do not have.


This happens when people live together under a Guru’s grace in love and harmony. Wealth gets equitably distributed.


This is what is happening in all our Gurukuls, or peace homes and peace villages. People share, and the wealth multiplies. Two vehicles are sufficient for a group of 60 to 80 people, who share the vehicle. This acts as a common bus service rather than the norm of “This is my car” and “That is your car.” When people share, wealth multiplies. Be still, grow in love and let the wealth grow!


Live in abundance. This can happen in cities and towns, and, most easily, in villages. I invite you to join our peace villages, and create lots and lots of wealth for yourself and others. What you have in excess, you can give to others and what I have in excess, I will share with you.