Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


People often ask me, ‘Modiji, when you were young, did you ever dream of becoming the prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy?


I must confess, forget dreaming about becoming the prime Minister, I was never even a class monitor!


All my life have lived by a simple mantra- (kuch banne ke nahi, kuch karne ke sapne dekho) – Aspire not to become something but to do something.


‘Aspiring to do something’ leads you, ‘Aspiring to become something’ misleads you. Normally, the desire to become something is driven by the by the expectation s of the family, fashionable professional trends, peer pressure or fantasies of fame, money and power. It distances you from your true potential and gradually snuffs out the innate passion you are blessed with.


However, the desire to do something, which is invariably fuelled by your natural instinct, will lead you to your true destiny.


Do not merely dream of becoming a doctor, engineer or lawyer. Think of how best you can make a difference to society and let that ideal guide you. 


ACTIVITY: If there was no restriction on resources or opportunities, what would you do for society and why?