Art of Harmonious Relationships

… Be “ONE “with Everyone!


Most of us have experienced that our level of HAPPINESS is closely linked to our state of HEALTH , WEALTH
20       :         20        :              60

These 3 key areas in our life contribute to the degree of our Joy and Happiness in the ratio of 20:20:60.
Healthy and harmonious RELATIONSHIPS , being the most important factor influencing our emotional wellbeing.
When we say “RELATIONSHIPS” we refer to our inter-personal connection with mother, father, sister,
brother , spouse, colleagues, friends, relatives, and all those we come in contact with in our every day life !
It is known that a discordant Relationship can have an adverse effect on Health, can be a limiting obstacle in
our Wealth and can cause a serious block in our Happiness and fulfillment.


What are the Benefits of the Program?

  • Self-enhancement and inner growth
  • Higher level of enthusiasm
  • Rediscover your zest for life
  • Experience exponential growth in all areas of life
  • Create financial surplus
  • Experience abundant inflow of energy
  • Bring a new-ness to your existing Relationships

What does it cover?
At this SCOPE CAMP you will understand “how”to strongly invest in your people-connections!
You will be equipped with empowerment tools to create a sense of compassion and caring in your
You will learn simple techniques which can be applied real-time on “how” to

  • create connections with people wherever you go
  • nurture bonds with those you meet
  • maintain long-lasting and meaningful inter-personal RELATIONSHIPS in your personal, professional and
    social life!

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