Are You Excited or Bored?

While travelling, there are multiple thoughts that arise and we get clarity on different hidden secrets of our life.

If you’re travelling in a train or a bus or any other vehicle, and you get a chance to sit beside the window, which seat will you opt for?- the one which is in the direction of moving vehicle or the one which is in the opposite direction to the moving vehicle?

Certainly, the majority of people would go and sit facing toward the direction of a moving vehicle. Ask them the reason – why would they choose the same and the response you get is, because of the view or the breeze that one can enjoy. But there is another subtle reason behind it. The breeze is the conscious decision that you take but sub-consciously you will choose the same not for the wind, but for the constantly changing view !

If we are sitting in the opposite direction of the moving vehicle, we get the view, but the same view for a longer time. Unless and until the vehicle changes the track, the view is slightly monotonous. Whereas when we are sitting with the same flow of the direction we get to see new scenery every moment. Something new passes us by every second keeping us captivated! We remain alert and excited!

In the first case, we see the same scenery every time again and again. For example, if we see a tree, we will have to watch that tree for a longer period of time till the vehicle moves forward. If we see the house, it will be in front our eyes for a long time and unless the vehicle changes its direction, the view remains static.

This way if we sit opposite to the moving vehicle, our trip might end up boring and we would gradually fall asleep.

Whereas when we are moving with the flow, every moment we see something new; a new house, a new tree, a new person or a new road, which makes everything extremely interesting. We remain curious, and wait to explore new things.

Such is our life!

It is exactly like this. It is very interesting when it is full of surprises, when we don’t know what will come next. When we know how things will happen next, life becomes boring and predictable. Imagine if you’re watching a cricket match, but you already know the scores and the winners, how boring that game would be! Whereas when you don’t know what’s going to happen next in the match; how exciting it becomes!

Moving in the flow of the vehicle is like going against the river. Not knowing what is going to happen, living in the unknown is always new, fresh and courageous. Uncertainties and the unknown make. Life full of excitement, adventure and joyful experiences.

Have you ever noticed a child’s eyes? They are always twinkling and sparkling and full of delight and wonder. He is living in a magical world and experiencing magic every moment, it is thrilling for him. He is discovering the unknown journey of his future life.

Just for an experiment, take up different projects, explore new places, do things you have not done before and see  the excitement which happens in your life.

One such magical experience is Pad Yatra- where man puts himself in the state of the unknown, and experiences the feelings of a unique journey. Pad Yatra is walking into unknown villages and places; leaving behind our homely and comfortable life; just

allowing the Universe to take care of us!



By Manoj J Lekhi