Anything is Possible

An article from the book ‘Thank You Guruji’ by Manoj J Lekhi.

AMC at Dehri


The next day was our AMC course for 4 days and we were to take Guruji by our van to Dehri Ashram. We started late in the evening, driving around trying to locate the Dehri Ashram as at that time we did not know the way to it.


We were travelling in the middle of the night searching for the way to Dehri Ashram. We lost our way and a distance which would normally take three and half hours by car took us almost six and half hours to reach. We missed some turns, some sign boards and I was extremely tensed wondering where we were and when were we likely to reach? All this while Guruji was simply laughing and laughing, enjoying every moment in spite of whatever was happening, just enjoying the process.


That was the time I remember he was sitting near me in the front seat, and he just told me, ‘You come for the May teachers training course, okay?’ It was sometime in February when this happened.


I then casually asked ‘Sure Guruji, how many days course will it be?’ I had estimated it to be probably a 4 to 7 days course because that is what I was used to while going for AMC’s.

To my surprise he said it’s a 30 day course. I got a little shocked! I was actively involved in Business How do I take 30 days off? I then had a choice to make. All my life I had a dreamt of going abroad and it was decided between my elder brother, Sunil and me that one day I would go abroad when we could afford it.


I had planned that sometime during the year or maybe the next, to go on this much dreamt of holiday abroad. In my mind I wondered whether I should fulfill this entire life’s dream of going abroad or should I go for the teacher’s training course (TTC). I thank God to give me the wisdom to choose TTC over my life’s dream and probably, it was the best decision of my life.


Yes I did not have the luxury of seeing a foreign country in my TTC but I had the privilege of seeing my inner country, my inner country that was foreign to me, my inner self !


May 1990, was the first turning point of my life when I did the TTC, that was my initiation towards becoming a medium to share this wonderful knowledge with everyone. This episode showed me how Guruji would include and invite anyone and everyone to be a teacher. He had the incredible quality of living in ‘Anything is Possible!’


Anyone can BE, DO, or HAVE anything & everything, if they really wish to. As long as somebody can see potential in them, not their limitations.


Thank you Guruji for giving me this opportunity to share this profound knowledge received from you. All this simply because you chose to focus on my potential & not my history which was full of limitations.

In my life, this has helped me heartily rely on all who are passionate about working with me whether they know the skill-sets or not they have always developed the skill-sets later owing to their commitment & my trust.