We can have another economic revolution if all villagers decide to build check-dams, sand-bag dams or small ponds in their fields to stop wastage of water.

There was a time when Gujarat was earning ` 9,000 crores in the best of times. In 2007, Gujarat has earned ` 34,000 crores from agriculture.

In states like Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, farmers are committing suicide out of desperation, but farmers in Gujarat are progressing happily.

Not unsurprisingly, the progress of the farmers in Gujarat has not gone down well with people in New Delhi.

The toil and labour of our farmers goes in vain if they don’t get urea on time, but nobody in Delhi is worried about this.

If the government in Delhi has any problem with me, you can take action against me; don’t harass my farmers.

Power games will go on, but farmers should be kept out of dirty politics.

Why is that when Gujarat is ready to pay for 2.75 lakh MT of urea, it gets only 1.98 lakh MT?