Condensed from talks by Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji.

Q: Why does a child lose its enthusiasm and joyfulness in life? Is there any way that a child can retain  it?

A:  All children are naturally joyful. They are full of energy for life and learning. They cry only for food and their mother. If both are present,  their joy is unbounded.

I saw my son Siddhant, at 11 months during his hair cutting ceremony, lose his joy and become scared of strangers. Even with his mother and father present, he was submitted    to pain by a stranger. That was the turning point of his joy in life. When trust is violated, one becomes calculative.

Every one is scared of pain and  losing one’s life. Love of parents can make any pain less painful. As a child, life is only play, and there are hardly  any expectations to fulfill.

As the child grows up, we start expecting the child to do certain things and call him good or bad depending on whether he / she conforms to expectations. This is how a child is trained into so called culture.

The child has now to behave in  ways, that are convenient to adults and starts getting fearful of elders and society. Now begins the struggle for acceptance. In their anxiety and need for independence, children start throwing tantrums. Adults crush such behaviour with  all their might.

Loss of independence and parental love are the greatest pains. During adolescence, children feel the need to assert their natural carefree behaviour  and become rebellious.

This is the time to teach the child  two important lessons in life. The first one is “How to regain the experience of Freedom by turning  inwards?”

This first training is called Brahmopadesam. Here, the child learns  to be silent, experiencing inner freedom and relief from external boundaries of thought, action  and society.

The second lesson the child has to learn is – to develop friendship  and become the source of friend-ship, rather than being a receiver of  love.

Developing friendship requires the realization that “You are myself” (You  are also that Brahman).

This is possible by the process of intellect merging into the heart. Intellect helping one to unite, rather than discriminate and separate. This is rebuilding the lost trust. This reconstruction of Trust is possible only in the stability of oneself,  in the Silence within.

The above two trainings are the fundamental education. Education is not just A B C and 1 plus 2 is three. There are five such fundamental lessons with increasing difficulty and these form the five elemental educations of Rishis corresponding  to:

*Akash: Space, represents Freedom  within, this training takes a month  – SSY.

* Vayu: Air, represents love and development of Trust, such training takes  a Year – Nitya Samadhi.

*  Teja:  Fire, represents  developing the ability to make oneself useful, where ever they are  – training takes 3 years – Yogic Life Program.

* Aapa:  Water, represents tasteful creation and perseverance for Quality – training takes six years – SSY  Teachers’ training.

* Prithvi Earth, represents aroma and humble rejuvenating presence – training takes 12 years  – Siddha training.