Q. Is it not difficult to digest raw- food?

A. Not at all! It is a myth passed on by our elders that raw food is difficult to digest.

Actually, it is easier to digest and assimilate raw food.

For example, It takes just 13 hours to digest raw food, whereas it takes about 24 hours to digest cooked food and it takes about 72 hours to digest non-veg and fried food.


Q. You mean to say that cooking has some disadvantages also?

A. Yes of course! There are several disadvantages.

Of the several forms of cooking, steaming or boiling seem to be the least harmful. Boiling should be done in minimum water and the water retained and used. Pressure cooking should be done only for optimum time. Deep frying is the worst form of cooking, as it renders the food almost indigestible.

Modem equipments like inframatic or microwave oven are best avoided. The reason is that they heat up food by setting the molecules of food into vibration. Even after you remove food from the oven, this process continues for some time. This is likely to damage our gastro-intestinal lining, leading to diseases.

However, to cure such diseases requires a whole new approach to life. Patients are therefore advised to seek help from qualified and competent persons.

The Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) Programmes have consistently proved to be the best training for changing lifestyles to the extent of even curing chronic diseases.



On 80% raw food I find that my sleep and digestion improved tremen­dously. Today I feel light and its easier for me to do the dance practice. The texture of my skin has become better and the swelling of my varicose veins has disappeared.