Amplify your Sensitivity

and Connect with your Inner You !

What is the Program about?
An experiential camp which explores facets of your character, your mindset, your spirit !
It unfolds a new layer of understanding of our ‘being’.
Learn how to enhance your sensitivity towards outward surroundings and at the same time develop a
deep understanding of Your SELF inwardly.
This camp forms the essence of all previous learnings about the SELF !


What are the Benefits?

  • Connect intimately with your own mind and body! heart and soul!
  • Bring your energy inwards, Feel revitalized, refreshed…!
  • Increase outer effectiveness!
  • Make important decisions effortlessly!
  • Get a fresh perspective of your life!
  • Develop happy and fulfilled relationships!
  • Develop patience and peace!


What does it cover?
We will take you from OUTSIDE to INSIDE.
Learn techniques to sharpen your senses toward your own body, mind, heart and soul and delve into
deeper layers of Self-discovery.
Travel Within, Know Your SELF !”
Live NOW !
Exist in ZERO !
And simply BE !

For more details contact : 9029980847

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