A Poem by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).

I am amazed
Just simply amazed
Amazed for what, don’t ask
Just amazed…

Just see the beauty all around
Just see all the magnificence.
Just observe your heartbeat
Just observe your own breath
Oh what an amazement!

Amazement is all around
Only it needs eyes to see
Amazement is all around
Only it needs the heart to hear

Amazement is a state of wonder
It happens when we are silent
Silent within, silent without

Just like the ripples of the waves
Just like the swaying of the trees

It is there with every child
It is there with all of us
But somehow it has been lost

Meditation………… is the science
is the art
is the knack

To get back to that state
get back to that wonder
get back to that amazement.

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