Always be an Adventure

Guruji Blind folded

I remember the day I went for an initiation that was being conducted by Guruji himself, at Nariman Point, Mumbai.

When I reached there I saw that Guruji’s eyes were closed and by his side was a volunteer who was guiding him and translating whatever he said in English.

I was a little puzzled about why he had closed his eyes while speaking to everyone? But even though I was intrigued by this, at that time I simply paid little attention to it..

Later, when I met Guruji I started asking him various questions. He asked me to wait and grow in vairagya. I did not know the meaning of the word vairagya.46 | Always be an adventurer

When I reached home I asked my mother, ‘What does the word vairagya mean?’ She explained to me in her own simple way and with that explanation I understood a little part of the word from her.

Then Guruji announced his second BST at Khandala. This time both Nina and I enrolled for it. Another wonderful program!

We both were surprised to see that Guruji had yet kept his eyes closed. It had been about 90 days since he had shut his eyes.

On the third night of the program Guruji opened his eyes, while we were on top of the mountain. We all had gathered there and were to stay the night on the mountain. Nina and I distinctly remember – we just could not look into his eyes that day.

Never before had I seen such power! So much energy, such that our eyes could be damaged if we would have looked into his eyes.

We simply couldn’t look directly into his eyes and so we kept looking down while speaking to him.

This was because he had closed his eyes consciously for 90 days! Yes, it was 90 days since he had closed his eyes. Living just like a blind man but, of his own free will.

Later, He shared his experience of this sadhana.

He said that compassion for all people grew, specially the blind.

His love for everyone also grew by leaps and bounds. He would take up many such unique experiments (sadhana) which has always inspired me to do the same just for on experience. In all such experiences I have learnt a lot. Through this episode, he inspired me to be an adventurer always.

Thank you Guruji!