Music is the best thing

Which has happened to me

For someone it may be dance

For you it may be art

But Life is the best thing which

Happened to all of us.


                To me music itself is god

                The sound of the guitar

                The melody of the flute

                The beat of the tabla

                The reverberations of the santoor

                The intoxication of the tanpura

All is God


The chirping of the birds

The gush of the ocean

The hush of the wind

All is God


                The noise of playing children

                The shouting of the wife

                The irritation of the people

                The “putt putt” happening in the mind

All is God


The traffic sound 

The blowing horns of the cars

The noise of the buses

The mad rush in the market place

All is God


Indeed- Life is the best thing which

                               Has happened to all of us.


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