Manoj J Lekhi

Author | Educationist | Spiritual Mentor

Manoj J Lekhi, lovingly called Manojji, is a truth seeker at heart and a friend and guide to thousands in India and overseas.

He is an inspirational expert in multiple areas – child development, education, human consciousness, management and leadership development. His forte is to simplify, complicated science into simplified application practical tools, which even  10 years old child can understand.  His motive is about transforming oneself within and thereby experiencing abundance inside and out.

A successful Entrepreneur

In 1984 I graduated in commerce and joined my brother Sunil Lekhi in a business which then he had started by the name of   ZEDD’S ATTIRE PVT LTD. He started with an investment of Rs.4000/- which went on to become a multi Crore business in 1987.

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Journey as a Disciple

I took a different turn and left the business for something higher which touched my life. At the age of 25 I did a program called the “Siddha Samadhi yoga, the science of silence yoga and accidentally met my master Shri Rishi Prabhakarji lovingly I refer to him as ‘Guruji’

My Life thereafter turned to a 180 degree shift.

I had tasted everything in my life lots of money, travelling all around the world and having best of the luxury but there was something missing inside, lacking peace, fulfillment and happiness and I was searching for it and happened to find all this in the ssy. Thereafter in  every area of my life I followed my master  and am very happy to share  that my every area was filled with happiness and my  life changed.

Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji.

Living a harmonious Family Life

As far as marriage goes me and my wife NINA is happily married for the last 31 years, we got married in the year 1988.

We are having the most beautiful relation that one can dream of a very happy, friendly and most romantic in every aspect one can think thanks again to Guruji.

Based on the basic of SSY we have developed a program the ‘MAGIC OF MARRIAGE’ which we would love to share with every couple in the world.

My wife NINA  is a very successful entrepreneur making exclusive bags under the brand name BAGGIT ( and has 1000 people growing with her, it’s a multicore business with a turnover of 100 Crore.

The ‘inside out’ approach to life

Manojji has designed various programs based on Spiritual Principles and Human Values. He has undertaken several projects for Human Potential Development at National and International levels, the underlying vision in each being bringing inner transformation and self-enhancement in the citizens of our world.

He specialises in the ‘inside out’ approach to life which is about transforming oneself within and thereby experiencing abundance inside and out. He says that he gets all his energies through his sadhana of silence and his surrenderfulness to his Master Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji.

Some of his talks and interactive sessions are available on YouTube for viewing. Click on the link to watch vidoes on Youtube
Manoj Lekhi Youtube Channel

Major Achievements

  1. We have trained more than 10000+ employees for various corporates.
  2. We have also trained more than 1,00,000+ individuals in India and abroad.

Major Infrastructure SSY

  1. Rishi Gurukulam Ashram (Rishi Samskruti Vidya Kendra Trust), Katarkhadak, Pune.

Here the children’s are given exposure to various inward and outward development.
They live close to nature practicing Yogasanas, meditation, art and sports. They develop entrepreneurial skills and various life skills…farming, carpentry, masonry, painting, plumbing and thus are prepared to blossom into confident and dynamic individuals!
To Know more about Rishi Gurukulam Katarkhadak, please click on the link

  1. Dehri Ashram, Murbad.

Social Responsibilities

He have also taken up Projects for Rural development of India, for which you may visit our website

Clean India

Green India











Some of the Programmes designed and taught by Life Yessence Academy (LiYA) are described below:

Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) also known as Science of Silence Yoga program
This is the key program designed by Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakar to catapult a person into higher states of conscious living. The program addresses cleansing of the Five Layers of our selves (Physical, Life-Energy, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual) so that a person’s natural joyousness can be expressed on a day-to-day basis.

Nation Building and Rural Development – a program close to his heart
Vision:  Serving all the villages of India joyfully.
Goal :Making all the 6,38,000 villages of India CLEAN, HEALTHY, WEALTHY & HAPPY!
Working towards this goal, he along with his  group of dedicated Sevaks, have adopted 12 villages near Pune and have undertaken various Seva projects for their upliftment and for them to become replicable models for other communities in India and the world.

Organizing and Time Management (OTM) – a program for corporate enterprises.
Vision: Converting all Industries to Universities (CIU)

Design Your Life
‘Design your Life’  is a Continous Education Programme to help you raise the quality of your life dramatically.
This series of One day workshops  will help you take care of all areas of your life – Relationships, Health & Wealth:  dissolving the blockages in your energy flow, which hamper the manifestation of your dreams and visions.

Magic of Marriage (MoM)  
Seeing Divinity in your Spouse forms the basis of empowering a satisfying relationship which spills over into creating harmonious families and communities.

As an Author

Being a voracious reader he has also published 5 books.

Are you a Super Leader?
This book reflects an inside out approach. Having an outside out approach to leadership which focuses on treating others as resources which are to be managed, simply backfires…

Super Leader Strategies.
This book is written in the context of spiritual leadership vis-à-vis the manipulative leadership in today’s world that we are all aware of…

Money Wealth Abundance
Money is a very important subject. It is also a very misunderstood one! We have many misconceived and  distorted notions about money, viz. fierce competition, tight budgeting, difficult  bills etc. This book challenges…

Thank You Guruji
Being Pujya Guruji’s disciple has been the single largest privilege of my life. Learning from him was two-fold : online and offline. I learnt a lot from his various programmes and public talks,  from his audio tapes and books, from the umpteen number…

Your Child is Your Parent
This book by Manoj Lekhi, key disciple of Guruji Rishi Prabhakar, is a practical book not just covering wisdom related to child-raising but also many tangible techniques which can make child-raising the most joyful experience for you…