A Story of Tenali Rama.


King Krishnadeva Rai won a battle. He announced “This is not just my victory but of my supporters and soldiers. I therefore want all my courtiers should get a present. You can take one of your choice”, He unveiled the curtain. Each one took to their choice.



There was only one left, a silver dish, they found Tenali Rama missing. He was late. The jealous courtiers were now very happy. They got a chance to tease Tenali Rama for the most ordinary present. The courtiers jeered “Come Tenali Rama, your costly present is waiting for you”. He looked at everyone holding a costly present. Tenali quietly picked up the silver dish and covered it with his robe. 


The King saw Tenali, and asked,”Why did you cover it?” I am helpless, My Lord, Till now, I have taken a dish full of gold coins from you. How can I show people that this time you have given me just an empty dish? I care for your respect I’ve covered it so that everyone thinks that this time too, I have got a dish full of gold coins,”The King was impressed by Tenali’s response. He removed his bejewelled necklace and said to Tenali,”Today also your dish will not go empty.”And than, much to the surprise of all the courtiers, he put the necklace in the dish.