Repeated thinking nourishes the thought to become a desire. When desire takes over the mind, it loses its balance to differentiate the good from the evil. Rama deceived Sita with a golden deer . Again it was the desire of Sita to possess the beautiful deer that landed her into deep misery. Lord Rama tried to make Sita understand that the deer was not a real one. Her desire was so strong that she turned deaf ears to her husband Rama. The mind had lost its thinking faculty and the only thought she possessed was the object of her desire. Look at the chain of events. A beautiful thing attracts one towards it. The mind appreciates it. A strong desire to possess becomes an obsession, the mind loses control, loses its thinking and listening faculty and the desire takes over the self.


To fast forward this story, Sita was taken to a Ashoka vana and Ravana was not able to attain Sita without her concent. His desire grew in leaps and bounds in spite of having his object of desire, he could not get his desire fulfilled. Ravana left all his thoughts about his family, people and kingdom. He brooded over the thought of Sita and all the things in life got shadowed by this one obsession. In the battle that followed Ravana lost his son Indrajit and brother Kumbakaran. Vibhishana left his brother and joined hands with Rama. Finally Ravana was alone and went to the battle ground to fight his war. He lost all his arms and being the Lord Rama being the embodiment of great virtues did not kill him. He requested Ravana to go back and returnt o the battle ground the next day.

This was the one last chance for Ravana to relinquish his desire and make his mind think right. But this time, along with his obsessive desire for Sita his ego too was coupled. He had completely lost his sense of reasoning. He came back to lose the battle, and also his life. In every human being there is Rama[ good thoughts] and Ravana[ evil thought] it is for us to nourish the good thoughts in us and win over the evil thoughts without getting distracted by Sita [ desires ] See things as they are without getting biased by the deer[ Maya] and stay rooted to the realities of life.


They first wished, desired to achieve what they achieved. That wish or desire was so intense in them that it turned into a passion, which provided the necessary fuel to propel them into action and finally rewarded them with what they desired at the beginning.

The cycle, rather the achievement cycle is always like this – the heart desires something very deeply and passionately and passes it onto the mind; and the mind gets into action, to convert the desire into a reality in the material world. The mind really does not care whether the desire is noble, rightful or not.


Right‐minded people that we always wish to be, then, it’s important for us to validate the desire before we add our passion into it so that the right desire gets into our subconscious mind and then propels us into action. How do we ensure that? That’s where the intellect comes in. Maturity is in ensuring that the intellect always plays a role between the heart desiring something and passing through the value system without getting rejected, then, the passion is worth passing onto the subconscious. On the other hand, should the intellect raise a red flag, find it contradictory to its own value system, then it should get eliminated at that level itself.


However, there may be moments or phases of one’s life when the mind tricks him into wrong doing, mostly due to outside influences like peer pressure, love and affection to protect loved ones etc. In a sway of emotion, not having the guts to run the desire through the rigor of our maturity, we end up taking inappropriate decisions or act to fulfill an inappropriate desire. Noble living is a lifelong journey, something that we need to consciously stick onto. In such times of mental calamity, we should at least have the mental control to align ourselves to a noble path or sources. Religions essentially were created for this purpose – to define a noble path for those who follow the religion. The religious scriptures were written by no less than messengers of God, to advise the right path to take in any given situation.


Anyways, life is going to catch up with us on any wrong doing that we do today,