Excerpts taken from the book ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne.



Say thank you for the good night’s sleep you received. Are you fortunate enough to have slept in a bed, with sheets and a pillow? Thank you! As your feet hit the ground say thank you. Do you have a bathroom? Thank you! Are you able to turn on the taps and immediately receive fresh, clean water every morning? Thank you! Imagine all the people who dug the trenches and laid the pipes across your country, throughout your city, and along all the streets to your home so you can turn a tap and receive beautiful, clean, hot water. Thank you! As you reach for your toothbrush and toothpaste, thank you! Without them, your day would not begin so pleasantly. Thank you for the towels, the soap, the mirror, and everything in the bathroom you us that makes you feel fresh, awake, and ready for the day.  



Even a waking up in a bad mood doesn’t happen by accident, because it means that you went to sleep thinking negatively about something, perhaps without realizing it. It’s the very reason why you are doing the Magic Rock practice last thing at night, to ensure that you go to sleep thinking good thoughts. The magic Rock practice at night combined with Count your Blessing every morning sets your good mood at night and in the morning, and they guarantee that you are feeling good before you go off into your day.

When you use gratitude ahead of time to Have A Magical Day it wipes out unexpected problems or difficulties before they happen.