Excerpts from the book ‘A Complaint Free World’ by Will Bowen


“Why rubber bracelets?” she asked. I explained that Gaines’s book, like many others, reminded us that it’s important to focus on what we want in our lives rather than putting our attention on what we don’t want. “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind,”


Marcia said, echoing back something she’d heard hundreds of times. “Exactly,” I said.

“And complaining is focusing on what we don’t want. It’s talking about what’s wrong, and what we focus our attention on expands. So we want to help people eradicate complaining from their lives, and this will serve as a great reinforcement.”


“Join me. If it takes three months or three years,” I said, “your life will be greatly improved. If you wear your bracelet out from switching it back and forth, we’ll give you another one. Stay with it.”


Complaining is talking about things you don’t want rather than what you do want. When we complain, we are using our words to focus on things that are not as we would like.


Our thoughts create our lives and our words indicate what we are thinking. Let me repeat that, because if u get nothing else from this book, please let this be it: OUR THOUGHTS CREATE OUR LIVES AND OUR WORDS INDICATE WHAT WE ARE THINKING.


Put another way: “What you articulate, you demonstrate!”

We are, every one of us, already creating our lives all the time. The trick is to really take the reins and steer the horse to where we do want to go, rather than where we don’t. Your life is a movie written by, Directed by, produced by, and starring _you guessed it_ YOU! We are all self-made. When asked about “self-made millionaires,” Earl Nightingale, the 20th century motivational master and philosopher, once quipped, “We are all self-made, but only the successful will admit it.”


In my experience, I have never known anyone who thinks they are a negative person.

No one I’ve yet known truly gets it when their thoughts are more destructive then constructive. Their words may reveal this to others, but they don’t hear it. They may complain constantly_ I was one of them_ but most people, myself included, think they are a positive, upbeat, optimistic, and sanguine person.


It is vital that we control our minds in order to re-create our lives. The purple complaint free bracelets help us realize exactly where we are on the continuum of positive and negative expression. And then, when we go through the repeated practice of moving the bracelet from wrist to wrist, over and over, time after time, we truly begin to notice our words. In so doing, we begin to notice our thoughts. When we notice our thoughts, we can change and ultimately reshape our lives into whatever we choose.


Transform the word? It’s happening.


There are 2 things upon which most people will agree:

  1. There is too much complaining in the world.
  2. The state of the world isn’t the way we would like it.  


In my opinion, there is a correlation between the two. We are focusing on what is wrong rather than focusing our vision on a healthy, happy and harmonious world. And you are now part of this. You have answered your soul’s call to stop being part of the problem and to become part of the solution. You can change the world by simply becoming an example of positive change.