As we have known since ages, sound sleep is a key ingredient in the recipe of great health. Here are 5 Tips to ensure your sleep is deep, soothing and peaceful.


Tip #1: Time gap before last meal

A known way is to keep yourself light, keep your stomach light by having your last meal few hours before you go to sleep. There should be at least 2 to 3 hours gap between your meal and sleep. So if you would like to sleep by 10 pm, have your meal by 8 pm, accordingly adjust your eating time.


This way our digestive system gets time to rest. This is the fi rst step for getting a good sleep.


Tip # 2: Switch off Technology

This tip is very important which I too wasn’t aware of, until I came to know about it a couple of years ago. It’s about a big ‘No’ to all technology, just before sleeping. So, no more TV before sleeping. Switch off all emails, SMS, phone calls before you sleep. Keep it all away. Instead, you can take a book and read something very interesting. This is a wonderful way to

initiate yourself into a fulfi lling slumber. 


Why do we say no to TV, emails or any of the messaging apps? It is because when you start interacting with or through these gadgets, the mind starts getting activated. The more it gets activated, the more our sleep suffers and we are deprived of deep sleep. So the best way is to read something very soothing, empowering, motivating. Any book, any story, any article. Read it and after that drift off into a deep sleep.


Tip # 3: Preparation before Sleeping

This is very healthy. Before you sleep, fi rst of all clear your bladder. Next do the panch snana. Take water, splash it on your face, hands and legs. Wipe your face, wipe both your hands, wipe both your legs. Once these 5 parts of the body are wiped and cooled and soothed, you are prepared for deep sleep.


Tip # 4 Post-Paid and Pre-Paid Gratitude 

Just like we have post-paid and pre-paid mobile SIM cards, we offer post-paid and pre-paid thank you before sleeping. 

While giving post-paid gratitude, sit in your bed, close your eyes and go through the entire day’s proceedings and thank each segment of the day – the food you had, people you met,

business or profession related work you did, or whatever has happened during the day. Close your eyes, go back and review all the things. It is easy to review backward than from

morning to night. Night to morning review is much easier.

This is called post-paid – thanking the whole day, so for your 8 hours of sound sleep you are getting prepared and telling the brain that – I am very contented and fulfilled with whatever happened during the day. 


Even if things have not gone as per your expectations, some person fi red you or shouted at you or said something ill about you, thank them as well for bringing out certain aspects of

your life.


Pre-paid gratitude means you tell your mind in advance, ‘Thank you for the wonderful sleep. I am getting up full of energy, rejuvenated and feeling healthy when I get up at 6 am.’ This is called pre-paid gratitude, for the sleep you are going to have.


Tip # 5: Practise ‘Say and Do’ with Your Brain

You convey naturally to your brain, ‘I am getting up at this definite time effortlessly and easily.’ Put the alarm, get up accordingly at the time you wish to.


To summarize:

  1. Time Gap between the last meal and sleep.
  2. Switch off Technology.
  3. Preparation before Sleeping.
  4. Post-Paid and Pre-Paid Gratitude.
  5. Practise ‘Say and Do’ with Your Brain.


The brain has a principle as we saw earlier – ‘The brain is very clear with what it wants or what it does not want.’ So with post-paid gratitude, you are focusing on all the wonderful things. With pre-paid gratitude, you are giving the brain the clarity of the type of sleep you wish to experience.


So, what is the input? What are the signals you are giving to your brain? This plays a huge part in your sleep. Give those signals which you want, the type of sleep you want, intensity

of sleep you wish. Give those instructions and you will have exactly that.

I have conducted a survey of this with many people. Most of us think of all that did not go well during the day. That is what we carry forward in our sleep. Instead, do exactly the reverse, then see and watch the miracle unfold. You will sleep like a baby and once you sleep like a baby your health remains like a baby – energetic and vibrant. 


Till the age of about 40-42, I too would not get deep sleep. 

I was a very restless sleeper and that affected my health. In the last 10 years, I understood this and started dropping all my anxieties, my should-be’s and must-be’s, which I carried unknowingly. Now I get super sleep and I sleep like a baby every day. Same can be possible for you too.


A Super Leader rejuvenates himself/herself every single night through deep sleep.