5 Tips for Silence

Excerpts from the book ‘Super Leader Strategies!’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).


Life is all about how we look at it. Problems exist in our life, only if we view them as problems. Actually, they are opportunities coming our way to give us a chance to learn

and grow.

How do we harness life’s problems to grow in our inner consciousness? The answer lies in these 5 tips for practicing silence.


Tip # 1: Silence is Awareness

Awareness is also often referred to as mindfulness. It means awareness of the body, breath, thoughts, feelings, belief systems, knowing all the time that we are pure vibration.

It also means we have raised our consciousness and in the process we are introspecting on ourselves and simply becoming more aware.


Why do we need to be aware?

Being in self-awareness enables us to catch our low vibration thoughts, feelings and patterns which we can convert into high emotional vibrations. When we do this we become the creator of our own world. We all come into higher and higher consciousness. We often harbor deep fears and insecurities, guilt or depressive thoughts which keep repeating beyond

our control and with continuous repetition these become behavioral patterns.


The Law of Attraction or the Law of Karma states that we attract towards us all that which we are or all that we hold within ourselves in terms of actions, words, thoughts, feelings and intentions.


Let’s take an example – some people have fear of accidents and unknowingly they attract an accident in their life. Some people have fear of being victimized and unknowingly they attract the same in their life. Some of us have fear of losing money and unknowingly we attract the same experience. If we don’t do anything about it for a period of time, unknowingly we attract the same. So once we know this technique called RYM – Reframe Your Mind, then we can apply the same.


As we know, if we have unwanted thoughts, unknowingly we attract the same through our experience. This happens because the thoughts create the feeling, the feeling creates like-wise thoughts, and the like-wise thoughts create further feelings, and this continuous cycle is memorized by the body and the same is manifested in the outer world.


This happens over a period of a time, depending on the intensity of our thoughts and feelings. What we need to do here is, by being in awareness we are able to catch the feeling

of low vibrations which is very easy to catch because it’s the feeling which is the language of the body.


Once we catch the feeling then we can reframe and put the picture in our mind of what we want rather than what we don’t want. By putting the picture of what we want, that picture evokes a particular feeling that changes our low feelings.


Once the feeling changes, then our thought changes, further feeling changes and old memory is removed and replaced by a new memory of what we wish to have, be or do in our life.


When we continue to do this practice we will stop the old karma and create a new world of being happy and silent within.


Tip # 2: Being in Acceptance

As Guruji Rishi Prabhakar explains beautifully in SSY class ‘What is, is.’ Can the present be changed? Can this moment be any other way than what it is right now? No, it can’t be!


Seeing the inevitability of the moment is true wisdom. And that is true dynamic, active acceptance. Acceptance means just flow with the moment for what it is and accept that it

cannot be any other way than what it is right now. 


Acceptance is giving 5% of our energy to acknowledge the facts and utilize 95% of our energy to focus on what we want through RYM (Reframing Your Mind) as explained

earlier. We have the ability to change the next moment. But realizing the inevitability of this moment is what we refer to as Acceptance. This realization immediately leads us to silence.


Tip # 3: Meditation and Inner Silence

Meditation is the greatest gift received by us from Guruji. Meditation is an experiential reminder of our ‘nobodyness’. If we can get up 1 hour earlier than our normal regular time automatically we will fi nd time to delve into meditation 3 to 5 times in a day. We find ourselves very peaceful after we meditate, the reason is we get into a state of ‘nobodyness’. 


If we can keep our eyes open and remain in the same state and follow the same principles we can be happy and joyful throughout the day and experience nobodyness throughout the day. At the end of meditation, just before opening our eyes, we can be with the 4 mantras with some of the people whom knowingly and unknowingly we have hurt.


The 4 mantras are: I love you, Thank you, I am sorry, Please forgive me. These come from the science of Ho’oponopono as popularized by Joe Vitale through his book ‘Zero Limits’. This can be a constant practice of forgiving people whom we have knowingly, unknowingly hurt in thoughts, words or deeds, till the time we have cleared all blocks with people in our life and we have no animosity with anyone in our life. By this continuous practice, we are at peace with every single person whom we come across, are silent and undisturbed with the

happenings around us and we remain rooted in inner silence. 


This sets the base for creation, creation of abundance in our life. Then comes the time for creation, so after we finish meditation we are in the alpha state and it’s the best time for dreaming and creating our dreams. 


Needless to say we have to be in the state of detachment, vairagya which is the state of meditation itself. Dreams are fun only in the state of vairagya. A child dreams like that. So daily, we take our steps towards learning to detach our selves as that’s the basis of being in inner silence. That’s our true nature.


Tip # 4: Taking Action

Silence does not mean sitting quietly. It means a state in which we are undisturbed by thoughts. We do get disturbed in our mind and body when things do not go our way. So

when we catch these disturbances born from things not going our way, we need to ‘take actions’ to change them the way we would like them to be. To change it the way we are not disturbed, we need to take actions for which there are hundreds of ways.


Taking action can be as simple as closing our eyes and simply meditating, it can be about going out for a walk, or simply looking at the sea or sky. It can be just singing some song or reading a book or speaking to a friend or anything else.

We need to take action to come to our peaceful zone, when we are not in silence and are feeling disturbed for whatever reason.


Tip # 5: Develop Self-Love


Love yourself the way you are.

The way to do this is, on waking up, spend the first 1 hour every morning for yourself, with yourself. Assign this time to be with your own self before stepping out to attend to doing worldly tasks. This is the time for your self-introspection. In our organization (Life Yessence Academy – LiYA) we term it the ‘LiYA 1 Hour’.


Start by allocating 15 minutes for meditation.


15 minutes for planning what you wish to implement through the day or in all areas of your life.


Next 10 minutes hear an inspirational talk or read a motivational article.


Spend 10 minutes to write and read aloud your visions. These could be for various aspects like your life, personal, professional, mental, social, spiritual, country, world.


Spend the last 10 minutes as gratitude time. This means to be thankful for everything that has happened in your life.


You could maintain a Gratitude Journal and pen down all the beautiful, magical things that happen in your day.


This 1 hour every morning helps us to remain in high vibrational energy levels throughout our day. By giving love to ourselves and starting our day on a happy note, our entire day’s experience becomes joyful. We soon observe that the self-love, peace and happiness we feel inside us, radiates outside every moment, every day, everywhere we go.


People who have been devoting this first one hour every morning to themselves, have found life-changing results in their personal lives, professional lives and in their relationshipswith all. By choosing to be happy with our selves (inside) we are naturally happy with all that is happening around us (outside).


By meditating daily we delve into our inner silence. The pure love, joy and fulfilment we experience within, radiates outside in everything that we do. Meditation helps us to overcome our frustrations, irritations, depressions, disturbances, anger and helps us to rise to higher states of happiness, peacefulness and joyfulness.