Sometimes I feel funny Sometimes I feel mad Sometimes I feel like going crazy Sometimes I feel love Sometimes I feel lovable And sometimes I feel huggable   We all feel the same Everyone feels the same   Life is too short Time is running out   Then why wait And waste precious moments   [...]

The Ultimate Prayer

The Ultimate Prayer   So what if you are hurt So what if you cry So what if you are upset So what if you are depressed It adds new dimensions to your life   So what if you are happy So what if you are ecstatic So what if you are laughing So what [...]


Sometimes  I  feel  an  explosion  of  Love So  much In  fact  so  much Sometimes  its  also  scary If  I   were  to  express   myself To  that  person It  would  probably  very  difficult For   the  receiver. Then  suddenly   its  gone Sometimes I  get  confused  too So  much  Love  and than  sometimes  no  feelings One  thing   is   for [...]

I had a dream!

I had a Dream!   I just had a dream…   If only I were the cloud I would be floating in the sky   If only I were the sun Than I would be shining brightly in everyone’s life’s   If only I were the moon I would spread my soft fragrance to all [...]


There used to be a time I thought enjoyment was drinking a glass of wine There used to be a time I thought enjoyment was smoking cigarettes   Like this I thought enjoyment means running after women enjoyment meant going to the discos enjoyment is seeing movies enjoyment is going to social parties   Suddenly [...]

Can you see the Magic in the world?

Can you see the magic in the world? A poem by Manoj J Lekhi   Everything is just magical Everything is magic! I type something on the laptop in Mumbai It reaches New York Just Magic! I send a paper in a machine from here It Reaches Japan through something we call a fax Just [...]

My Gratitude towards Mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes, Mosquitoes, Mosquitoes If it weren't for Mosquitoes People would not be irritated! If people would not be irritated There would be no fun in life! Imagine everything just perfect Perfect like Plastic Perfect without Emotions Perfect without crying! Perfect without laughing! Its mosquitoes which make life interesting! It gives us an opportunity to do [...]

My Beloved Wife – Nina

The best thing that’s happened to me The symbol of love The symbol of wonder The   peak of excitement The epitome of innocence When she speaks only music flows When she silent only hearts melt When she smiles, The world smiles When she weeps, The world weeps When she laughs, Trees vibrate When she dances, Nature dances Just like [...]

Life and Death

A Poem by Manoj J Lekhi It’s all how you look at it Whether you see the glass half full or you see the glass half-empty Whether you take it as a problem Or you take it as an opportunity It’s all how you look at it ! Whether you take it as shouting Or [...]

My Guru and Me!

By Manoj Lekhi Oh my my !! I never knew I could write, But now it’s so very easy! Just let loose, Be open, And start! There it goes, Just like the river flowing, You can also flow, Yes anyone can do this, It’s your birthright! All you need is a Guru! Who is kind [...]