Grace of the Gurus

Condensed from conversations with Guruji, ShrRishPrabhakar   Question: Should everyone have a Guru?  Ans: Those who find at least one person as their Guru are fortunate. Dattatreya himself had many Gurus. We learn from the discoveries of great scientists. They enrich our lives with knowledge and technologies. You are also a Rishi if you observe and discover laws [...]

The Joy is in the Details

Knowledge and Awareness: Why is it so that knowledge is given so much of importance all over the world? Why is it that Goddess Saraswati is given so much of respect and importance? Increase in Knowledge may not necessarily mean Increase in Awareness BUT Increase in Awareness definitely means Increase in Knowledge. Awareness can be divided into [...]

Why Surrender?

Guru Poornima is the day when the disciple remembers the tremendous grace, which he has received from his Guru. Fortunate are the people who have a Satguru, the one person in their life whom they have totally surrendered to. Total surrender means that no questions are asked, you just live with a Guru’s aagya (message). [...]