Art as an Experience

Art, for most of us, is the physical act of drawing and painting. On stretching our viewpoint further, we realise that it is much more. Art is an experience, an expression of one’s inner self. Exercise: Please do a small exercise before you read the next paragraph. It will be very interesting. Take a blank [...]


PARENTING!  An Art or a Science? KNOW PARENTING!  Which one do you think it is? An Art or a Science?  Whenever we hear the word parenting, immediately the mind says,” If I have a child then I am a parent!”  Yes it is true!  But this particular workshop is not about only a parent and [...]

Miracles of Non-Doing In Education

Guruji Gives Clarity on:  Miracles of Non-Doing In Education   People associate success with working hard. The reality is contrary. Studying playfully is the art of Non-Doing in studies.   Once you make anything hard, the mind is automatically set to reject it. If something is made into fun, the mind automatically approaches it and has more fun.  [...]

OAD – Do you Love Yourself

OAD - Do you Love Yourself How many of you get angry? How many of you hate people! How many of you get irritated with yourself? How many of you love yourself?   Do You Really Love yourself? By – Manoj Lekhi   I ask people in my anger workshop that Do you love yourself [...]

5 Things Successful People Don’t Do


5 Tips to Focus Better                                                                                          -By Manoj J Lekhi This can [...]

Ideal Education

Ideal Education is ideal, when it is a mixture of yin and yang, where education focuses on both, the outside as well as inside. It is ideal when both the right and left-brain development is encouraged. Where learning the science of the outer world and learning the science of the inner world are equally important. [...]


See the sunrise ! It happens gradually ! See the sunset ! It disappears gradually ! See the clouds! It comes and goes gradually ! Notice the waves ! It moves gradually ! Actually in life everything happens gradually ! Don’t be in a hurry ! Don’t push ! IT WILL HAPPEN! GRADUALLY !  

Dharma – Adharma

What  is  Dharma? This is a very interesting question  and can often mislead people.  Different countries have different Dharmas and different cultures have different Dharmas. Different situations will have different Dharma; so, the question that arises is – What Dharma  should  one  follow? Let  us take the example of  two people under contract. If the [...]

Clear Your Clutter

  By Manoj J Lekhi   Do you want to be Rich? Do you want to be very Rich? Do you want to be very very, very Rich? Do you want to be very very, very, very, very, very, very…….. Rich? You will be as Rich as you have the ability to Clear [...]