Accept Yourself the Way You Are!

Accept Yourself the Way You Are! By Manoj J Lekhi Accepting yourself the way you are or in simple words Self-Acceptance, is one of the key determinants of happiness and can have an effect on every aspect of life. However, it can be one of the most difficult challenges faced at the individual level. We [...]

The Power Behind an Organization

By  Guruji Rishi Prabhakar    The power behind any organization is not its wealth, nor is it intellectual knowledge. But, its real strength lies in the fact that many people want to be together  to  develop  a   vision.   The total power of any organization, or corporation depends on how many people are there to  support  [...]

Whose Fault Is It, Anyway?

By Joe Vitale from the Book 'At Zero   It’s not the people; it’s not the person. It’s the program.  -  Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len    “How could a child have limiting beliefs already?”  The question arose because Dr. Hew Len’s daughter had a skin disease, and when he met Mornah, she helped heal the [...]

The Body

By Louise Hay Extract from the Book ‘ You can Heal Your Life’. The head When something is wrong in the head area, it usually means we feel something is very wrong with us. Tension is not being strong. Tension is weakness. Being relaxed and cantered and peaceful is really being strong and secure.   [...]

5 tips of Super Sleep

By Manoj J Lekhi

An Analogy between our Body and a Car

By Manoj J Lekhi  READ THIS VERY SLOWLY ...    What moves the car?  It’s the fuel that moves the car.   Who starts and controls the car? It’s the driver.    How does the driver find his route to his destination?  The  GPRS  gives him the perfect direction.    Who gives the destination (where to go)  to [...]

Difference Between Self Action, Self Talk, Self Image

By Manoj J Lekhi


Magic of Gratitude Introduction

MAGIC OF GRATITUDE ! Unfolding miracles ! A unique one day seminar specially designed to take us deeper into our inward and outward journey by exploring and discovering ourselves through this ‘bhava’ of GRATEFULNESS ! WHAT ? (What is the program about ?) The Seminar consists of 3 sessions where you experience inner [...]

Habits – How to Change?

By Louise Hay Extract from the Book ‘You can Heal Your Life’. Releasing the Need In a workshop situation, I would have you do this exercise with a partner. However, you can do it equally as well using a mirror a big one, if possible. Think for a moment about something in your life you [...]